Thai Yoga Massage Workshop

We have a unique and wonderful program to help you connect with your partner in a meaningful and deep way. Couples Zen is a gentle supportive way for couples to relieve stress and strengthen the bonds of their relationship.

Our program teaches you how to massage your partner with safe, gentle techniques and help each other reap the benefits of Relaxation Massage, or Thai Yoga Massage. Together you will learn to listen and empathize and help one another relax and recover. You will learn how to provide a massage for each other that is enjoyable and safe. We all need a way to find peace, and as couples we need a way to reconnect and care for each other.



Through this hands-on 3 hour workshop you will:

Experience an easy-to-follow and comprehensive Thai Massage Training session.
Experienced instructors (registered massage therapists) will demonstrate the techniques and educate on precautions, coaching you every step of the way.
Both perform and receive a full-body Thai Yoga Massage session
Learn skills and techniques you can use to help each other for years to come.
Ease tension and stress while exchanging healing touch with your partner
Integrate nurturing touch, awareness, loving kindness ("Metta") and meditation into your massage

The class is designed for couples or other pairs of friends .
Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing for the class.
Please bring two blankets and two pillows.



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